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View north from Arnside Knott viewpoint, Cumbria, UK, 14 August, 2005

The farm behind the railway embankment, hence protected from the River Kent (in the foreground), is depressingly named 'Sunnyside Farm'.
This subsequent photo of Arnside Knott was taken from the middle of the open farmland, halfway between the farm and the woods.
The near hill is Whitbarrow.
Beyond that, I always struggle, but luckily, information boards at the main viewpoint on Arnside Knott (not the summit pillar) label the skyline. The highest peak in the central group is Helvellyn (949 m or 3118' asl). To the immediate right is Fairfield (873 m or 2864'). It's impossible to point out Hart, Dove & St. Sunday Crags here, but the next distinct hill to the right, steeper on the right than the left, is Red Screes overlooking the head of the Kirkstone Pass.

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