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Quernmore, near Lancaster, UK

This is virtually all of the village, only omitting outlying farms plus the church and associated school which, for some reason, are a full kilometre from the main cluster of houses. As with many local villages in the area, there are two churches and a shop, but no pub – traditionally, Wyresdale (the next valley over) was a Methodist stronghold.
Note that the straight road through the village abruptly kinks left, then right, then continues along exactly the same line as before. On flatter ground, I'd think that was the result of planners having to work around a field owned by an awkward landowner (there are numerous examples), but I suspect this was done to minimise the road gradient. The white house just below the horizon (Brow Top) is about 750m from the very white house in the village, but 100m higher.

The ploughed(?) field in the foreground is on the edge of a glacial deposit left by the last Ice Age 10-12,000 years ago. The glacier filled the Conder Valley; at its peak, the ice sheet easily covered Clougha, the hill on the horizon, too.

It's only six kilometres from my house on the edge of Lancaster to Brow Top, but the route crosses two valleys, so the vertical profile is 70m asl – 80 – 63 – 134 – 53 (just past the trees in the immediate foreground) – 205, then on to 287 at Jubilee Tower (next photo). A tough start to longer rides, but all other approaches to Wyresdale involve tediously long, gradual ascents, and I prefer to get this climb out of the way quickly.

Compare this photo to one taken at exactly the same location in February 2004.

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