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Morecambe Bay from Half-Moon Bay, Heysham, near Lancaster, UK, 24 July, 2005

The object in the middle distance on the right is the keel of a wrecked ship, the 'Vanadis' (thanks, Alan!). This was a barque blown ashore by a force 10 storm on 22 February, 1903. It became buried in the Bay's sediment but has been gradually re-exposed over the past decade, particularly by recent storms.
Locally reported to be Russian (Russian-owned?), the 'Vanadis' was built in Jakobstad, Finland in 1874, being one of the largest wooden vessels built in the country.

Walney Island and the peninsula south of Barrow-In-Furness are visible on the horizon, on the far side of Morecambe Bay.

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