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Glasson Dock, near Lancaster, UK, 26 March, 2005

Glasson Dock was founded as an outport of Lancaster in the mid/late 18th Century, when silting of the River Lune began to cause navigation problems and merchants decided to shift operations five miles downriver to the new dock, constructed 1783-91.
It's said that the renowned cabinet-makers Waring & Gillow thrived partly because of the ready supply of mahogany brought to Glasson as packing material protecting cargos of cotton, rum and tobacco from the West Indies. Few sources state the unpalatable fact that this means Glasson was an axis of the slave trade. It was also the departure point of many convicts sentenced to transportation.
Glasson remains a working port for vessels of up to 3,000 tonnes, but Lancaster's main (container) port is now at Heysham, on the sea coast.

This is the lock gate between Glasson Basin at the end of the Glasson Branch canal and the Dock itself.

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