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New Dungeon Ghyll, Great Langdale, in the Lake District National Park, UK, 24 March, 2005

The nearest building, with a fire burning, is Stickle Barn, a fairly good pub (reasonable food and Theakstons bitter) which seems excellent after a long walk or when camping! There's also a bunkroom upstairs; I haven't stayed there.
The low building at the extreme left is the public toilets at the top of the National Trust car park, and the start of the path onto the fells.

One of the challenges of the Langdale Pikes is that the first kilometre is the steepest, and seems endless. Those visiting for the first time, having glanced at the map, might think Stickle Tarn ('tarn' = 'small glacial lake') is just beyond the visible waterfalls, but it's not – it's at the top of the next steep section, indicated here by the sunlight. From there, the path I usually follow heads along the lake shore to the right, out of the photograph, to ascend the crags of Pavey Ark in the background, then back towards Harrison Stickle (the main peak, in sunlight) from the far side. The other sunlit peak, just visible on the left, is Pike O'Stickle.

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