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Converted warehouses, St. Georges Quay, Lancaster, UK, 19 March, 2005

Until Siobhan mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, I hadn't noticed that this house is so oddly constructed. Walking along the pavement (US: sidewalk) directly outside, one is standing too close to notice it, whilst from this viewpoint on the other side of the road, one is usually looking at the river.
The photo is taken looking at it head-on, from directly opposite, to avoid any optical illusions suggesting false perspective (to be picky, Siobhan's wasn't, so the degree of tilt wasn't quite so distinct). The eye thinks the left side is further away than the right, but it isn't.
It's on reclaimed land behind the 1750 Quayside wall (the Port Commission sold plots, or 'lotts' of the new land to merchants, who built these warehouses), but the angles aren't due to subsidence – as the lines of the window frames and doorway indicate, it can only have been built this way, deliberately.
Incidentally, the high doorway is essential, as the Quay is subject to flooding by seasonal high tides.

Apparently, there were fifty pubs along St. Georges Quay at the peak of Lancaster's importance as a port (I'm slightly sceptical), but only two remain. The Wagon & Horses is a little further along the Quay.

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