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190305-06. © NRT, 2005
View from the steps of the Judges' Lodgings, Lancaster, UK, 19 March, 2005

The Judge's Lodgings had previously been the home of Thomas Covell, the witchfinder ('Witch Baiter') and Keeper of the Castle (i.e. chief gaoler) at the time of the Pendle Witches' trial, so when the cross was erected in 1902 (on the site of an ancient cross) to commemorate the coronation of Edward VII, it was named the Covell Cross.

China Street crosses right to left – not left to right, as it's part of the one-way system.

The road ahead is Church Street. Charles Stuart, 'Bonny Prince Charlie', stayed at no. 76, the Georgian house (building: 1637, façade: 1730s) immediately 'above' the red car, twice in 1745. No 78, next door, with the flash of green visible in a window and flat-roofed extension, is Lancaster's Masonic Hall. Beyond that is the top of New Road then the furthest sunlit building on the left, with the very regular frontage, is the NatWest bank.

This earlier photo was taken from approximately the position of the red car.

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