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Wyresdale, Lancashire, UK, seen from near Isle of Skye Farm, 27 February, 2005
Starting from the left, above this caption, the first hill on the northern side of Wyresdale is Hare Appletree Fell. I can't see it in the photo, but Jubilee Tower must be at the point where the green lower slope meets the brown moor top.
Heading right (east), the highest point on the ridge is Ward's Stone, at 561 m asl. Beyond that, Tarnbrook Fell descends out of sight, behind the shallow lower slope of Hawthornthwaite Fell; the top, in shadow, is the highest point on the southern side of Wyresdale, at 479 m asl. Though the same lower slope hides the head of the valley and entrance to the Trough of Bowland, the road points directly at it.

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