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St. Peter's Church, Heysham, near Lancaster, UK, 19 February, 2005

It's thought that there's been a church on this site, adjacent to St. Patrick's Chapel, since the 7th Century; the first documented mention of it, in 1080, states that it was already very old. The church was rebuilt in the 10th Century. Later renovation and expansion work in the 14th & 15th Centuries copied some of the Norman details, such as the round-arched windows, so the earlier appearence remains and extends into newer sections. The same approach was adopted in renovation and further expansion in 1864.
Obviously, there's no tower, but the bells in the double bellcote are dated 1723 and 1724.

The churchyard is famous for a richly-decorated 'hog-back' Viking gravestone (now inside the church, to preserve it), possibly the best example of its type in the UK.
The tallest visible cross is the war memorial.

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