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Stone Jetty, Morecambe, UK, 19 February, 2005

By the 1840s, the size and quantity of ships had rendered Glasson Dock inadequate as Lancaster's port. Hence, a stone jetty was constructed (by 1853?) out to the deep water channel passing Morecambe, and connected to Lancaster by railway. The direct rail link soon extended to West Yorkshire and Morecambe's harbour, which had developed in the lee of the Stone Jetty, became a major node in the export of coal from Durham and N.Yorkshire to Ireland. In 1851, the Northumberland Street (passenger) railway station opened, followed by other buildings including hotels. Hence, the entire development of the seaside resort can be traced to this one feature.
I presume the building was a railway station (and lighthouse, obviously); now it's a café.
The Stone Jetty hosts several of the public artworks of the Tern Project; the 'Mythical Bird' on the pedestal in front of the café is by Gordon Young.

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