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Midland Hotel, Morecambe, UK, 19 February, 2005

Built in 1933 for the London, Midland and Scottish Railway, the Midland was the first Art Deco hotel in Britain. The Modern Movement wasn't especially popular amongst British architects, especially for public projects, so the Midland is now the last building of its type, though only just – it is on the Twentieth Century Society's 'Buildings at Risk' register, and each time renovation schemes have faltered in recent years, there have been calls to demolish it.
Designed by Oliver Hill, with decoration by Eric Gill (note the sea horses over the central doors), the hotel was popular with wealthy middle-class visitors throughout the Thirties, though requisitioned as a hospital during the Second World War. Returned to the Railway Company in 1946, I presume it was well-used in subsequent decades, but trade declined by the late Eighties and it was severely run-down for the final decade leading to its closure in 1998. Since then, neglect and vandalism of the empty building has become emblematic of the whole resort's decline.

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