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Looking north-east from Moel Famau, Denbighshire, UK, 31 December, 2004

Ten minutes to midnight.
I haven't seen this view in daylight for at least a decade, so I can't identify the clusters of streetlights with any confidence. The nearer lights are Mold and outlying villages (my mother's is definitely in there somewhere, as Moel Famau is visible from the top of her street), merging on the right into the upper parts of Deeside: Buckley, Ewloe and Hawarden.
A narrow band of darkness on the left, behind the nearest obvious village (not the nearer strings of individual streetlights) is the Dee Estuary. The lights beyond that are on the Wirral; possibly Neston, though I'm not certain. I presume the glow in the sky in the distance is the Liverpool conurbation, but it must be somewhere around Speke, Runcorn and Warrington, not the city centre itself.
[Update: a later view, in daylight, doesn't quite line-up with this photo, but the road junction at the lower left is visible in both, allowing some comparison.]

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