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1 March, 2009

Walk: Littledale, near Lancaster

Another oddly late start today: somehow I didn't get round to leaving for a cycle ride or walk until about 15:30, which didn't leave a lot of daylight.  Hence, I just went as far as Littledale, between Clougha and Caton Moor, hoping to find Littledale Hall.

7 February, 2009

Walk: Ward's Stone, near Lancaster, UK

Whilst walking on Clougha or cycling in Wyresdale & Roeburndale, I've frequently wanted to visit Ward's Stone, the highest point in the Forest of Bowland; indeed, the highest peak in Lancashire.  However, its height belies the surrounding expanse of flat, peaty moorland and hence difficult walking conditions in any weather damper than an prolonged drought.
Or when the ground is totally frozen, like today.

15 January, 2009

What's the big one called?

Here's a useful site for walkers, discovered via Flickr, offering a large number of computer-generated panoramas depicting points visible from high ground & key landmarks.

27 December, 2008

Walk: Waun-y-Llyn, Hope Mountain, Flintshire

Stile, Waun-y-Llyn Country Park, Hope Mountain, Flintshire, UK. ©NRTMy mother and I went for a short walk on Hope Mountain, overlooking Caergwrle, though the weather was hazy, bitterly cold (Waun-y-Llyn Country Park's eponymous lake was thoroughly frozen) and rather dull, so it became little more than an opportunity to plan future trips with my camera, which didn't get much use today.

6 December, 2008

Walk/Cycle ride: Bentham-Ingleborough-Lancaster

Today's weather was cold but cloudless and particularly clear, so was an excellent opportunity to play in the snow on Ingleborough.

16 November, 2008

Walk: Clougha, near Lancaster

Taking advantage of a crisp, sunny autumn day, I went for a walk on Clougha, specifically to find a couple of highlights I hadn't seen before: Ottergear Bridge and Escher's Clougha Egg Cairn.  Needless to say, something else I took was my camera.

26 July, 2008

Walk: Yorkshire Three Peaks

As the blog has documented, I've completed several walks and cycle rides in the south-western Yorkshire Dales, including Whernside (the highest point in Yorkshire, at 728m asl), Ingleborough (723m) and Pen-y-ghent (691m) as individual trips.  However, I've always fancied linking them together as the famous 'Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge', a single 37.5–42 km (23.3–26.1 miles – approximately a full marathon) circuit visiting all three summits, with a total ascent of over 1,600m.
HV & I had planned to complete it early on an autumn day, to avoid both the heat and congested footpaths of midsummer, but when J expressed an interest in attempting it with us and a childhood friend this weekend, we didn't hesitate.  Possibly a flawed decision....

29 June, 2008

Walk: Clougha, near Lancaster

Yesterday's only partially-successful trip to find Andy Goldsworthy's artwork on Clougha left me wanting to make another attempt immediately.  So I did.

28 June, 2008

Hunting Andy Goldworthy on Clougha

A while ago, I discovered references to an unpublicised Andy Goldsworthy art installation somewhere on Clougha, the 413 m hill overlooking Lancaster.  Today I went to find it.

24 May, 2008

Walk/Cycle ride: Clapham-Crummackdale-Ribblesdale-Settle-Lancaster

As is fairly usual, I wasn't entirely sure where I was going today: I caught the early train (08:12 from Lancaster) to Clapham and the Yorkshire Dales, but it wasn't until I was in my seat that I studied the map and made a rough plan.  I'd visit the Norber Erratics well before other Bank Holiday day trippers arrived, return to my bike, go on to the Ribblehead Viaduct, then reconsider the options.

10 May, 2008

Walk: Roeburndale Woods

I visited the Roeburndale camping barn at Middlewood (or Middle Wood?) above Wray this afternoon.

26 April, 2008

Walk: Seathwaite Fells, Cumbria

Classing this as a 'walk' might be a slight overstatement, as our route barely covered five kilometres, with a lengthy interlude in a pub, and two-thirds of the accompanying photos were taken from the campsite.

1 January, 2008

Walk: St Agnes & Chapel Porth, Cornwall

Despite the distinctly unpromising weather (at least it was dry), my mother and sister decided to take a day trip to Cornwall, to show me one of their favourite places: the coast near St. Agnes and, specifically, Chapel Porth.

1 September, 2007

Walk: Penmon Priory & Lighthouse, and Beaumaris, Anglesey

Somewhere a little different this week: Anglesey, in North West Wales, specifically the Penmon peninsula at the south-east of the island, including the sole town, Beaumaris.  Also unusually, on foot.

9 June, 2007

Walk/Cycle ride: Bentham-Ingleborough-Lancaster

Ingleborough again this week; I seem to have visited the Yorkshire Dales a lot recently.  This time was slightly different, as rather than the summit being my main objective, I wanted to explore the extensive area of potholes on Ingleborough Common, the shoulder of the hill above Ingleton.

26 May, 2007

Walk/Cycle ride: Bentham-Kingsdale-Lancaster

My last 'big' cycle ride of 2006 took me through Kingsdale, a secluded glacial valley above Ingleton, at the edge of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.  It seemed quite pleasant, and looks interesting on the map, but I passed at dusk (with ~30 km still to go) and was too tired to appreciate it.  Considering a motivation for that ride had been to visit one of the few dales I'd yet to see, today I returned for a better look and to take photos.

15 April, 2007

Walk/Cycle ride: Bentham-Whernside-Lancaster

Slightly later than expected, today I (sort-of) completed one of the walks I've been planning: Whernside in better visibility than November 2005.

13 April, 2007

Walk/Cycle ride: Silverdale-Burton-in-Kendal-Holme Park Fell-Lancaster

I made a point of avoiding popular tourist destinations such as the Lake District this week, as last weekend was the statutory easter holiday.  Hence, despite being obliged to take 5-11 April off work (statutory days plus employer policy), I waited until today, when people were likely to be back at work, to take voluntary leave and to visit the Lakes.

6 April, 2007

Walk/Cycle ride: Clapham-Moughton Scars-Crummack Dale-Lancaster

Crummackdale, between Clapdale (above Clapham) and Ribblesdale, is one of the few valleys I'd yet to visit in the south-west corner of the Yorkshire Dales.  I'd wanted to visit for a while, not only for completeness but because of the spectacular features: the glacial erratics at Norber, the views across the eastern side of Ingleborough from Thwaite Scars and the limestone cliff of Moughton Scars.  It's surprising that it's not better-known.

1 January, 2007

Walk: Bickerton Hill and Peckforton Castle, Cheshire

Having lived in North East Wales for eighteen of my first nineteen years, it's unsurprising that I know (knew) certain districts rather well.  However, family habits meant that other areas, even quite close to home, were visited infrequently, if ever.  For example, I grew up in a village roughly equidistant from Chester and Wrecsam (Wrexham in English), but whilst I visited the former at least monthly, I've only ever seen the centre of Wrecsam about twice.

26 December, 2006

Walk: Clocaenog, near Ruthin

Today's weather seemed dry but somewhat misty, so though we decided to go for a walk, locations offering long-distance views would have been wasted.  As an alternative, I rather fancied visiting Rhuthun (Ruthin in English) and Ddinbych (Denbigh), the principal small towns in the Vale of Clwyd, largely for their post-17th Century architecture.

22 October, 2006

Walk: Middle Wood, Roeburndale again

I'm not entirely sure why she chose this weekend, but P. booked the camping barn at Middle Wood from Friday to Sunday, inviting the usual group of friends to accompany her.  It's fine in late spring and summer, when one can sit outside on relatively warm nights, but the weather in late October is changeable, and likely to be cold and wet.  I wasn't the only one to have doubts.

3 June, 2006

Walk/Cycle ride: Clapham-Pen-Y-Ghent-Ribblehead-Ingleborough-Lancaster

When people attempt the Yorkshire Three Peaks walk (three adjacent hills on a circular route to be completed within twelve hours), they usually begin with Pen-Y-Ghent (694 m asl), but in my case it's the last I've climbed, having visited Ingleborough (723 m) numerous times over the past decade (most recently in April) and Whernside (736 m) in November 2005.  Time to complete the circuit.

30 April, 2006

Walk/Cycle ride: Clapham-Ingleborough-Clapham-Lancaster

At 723 m asl, Ingleborough is the nearest 'big hill' to Lancaster, or at least the most readily accessible.  I've climbed it several times over the past decade, but I'd only followed the route from the south-east once before today.  That's an odd omission, as the path from Clapham is probably the most pleasant, avoiding the duckboards and crowds of the Hill Inn footpath and passing more landmarks than the direct route from Ingleton.

23 April, 2006

Walk: the Old Man of Coniston

Within moment of A, A & I returning from our walk, J proposed another.  Much as I'd enjoyed the low-level walk to Tarn Hows, one of my planned objectives for the weekend was to climb the Old Man of Coniston; it was the walk H. & I aborted yesterday.  Hence, when J. suggested that, I barely hesitated: I dropped some food into my rucksack (little more than a muesli bar, a banana and a 500ml bottle of Coke) and we left.  I don't think I even stopped for a cup of tea between walks.

23 April, 2006

Walk: Tarn Hows, near Coniston

I was tempted to try a variant of yesterday's aborted walk today, on my own if no-one else was interested, but I had a better offer instead.

22 April, 2006

Walk: Coniston-Wetherlam-Tilberthwaite-Coniston

On the drive up from Lancaster last night, Harriet & I had agreed to go for a walk this morning, planning to climb Wetherlam then follow the ridge around to the Old Man of Coniston.  Despite the mist, we went ahead anyway, half-hoping to get above the fog.

22 April, 2006

Walk/Cycle ride: Coniston lakeshore

I'm pretty sure I was the first up today, so went for a short walk to the shore of Coniston Water before breakfast.

1 April, 2006

Walk/Cycle ride: Lancaster-Ingleton Waterfalls-Lancaster

As I mentioned at the time, I was slightly disappointed by my last visit to the Ingleton Waterfalls, as the harsh light limited my photos technically whilst the confined valleys limited the angles from which I could take photos at all, and being with a group limited my time to experiment.  The results were clichéd and bland, only saved by the attractive subject matter.

29 December, 2005

Walk: Celyn Woods

I'm not even sure whether Celyn Woods even have an official name; my family arbitrarily applied that one to the wooded valley ~750 m west of Celyn Horticultural College, itself about a mile west of Northop, Flintshire (Llaneurgain, Sir Fflint) and ~2½ west of Northop Hall, the village where I grew up.  It's an awkward location: just too far from my childhood home to walk to, but too local to be included when considering driving somewhere for a walk.  Hence, when my mother suggested it for a brief stroll today, I think it was only the third time I'd been there.

27 December, 2005

Day trip to Betws-y-Coed, Swallow Falls & Cwm Idwal

Almost a year ago, I mentioned that my family has somehow acquired a 'traditional' route for day trips to Snowdonia, typically in December each year, the one occasion we're reliably in Wales at the same time.  That time, we did something different, but today we reverted to the usual plan.

26 December, 2005

Walk: Moel Famau

K. and I decided to get out of the house for a short walk this morning.  After the usual half-hearted debate about a destination, we chose one I've wanted to do for a long time: Moel Famau in daylight.

24 December, 2005

Walk: Loggerheads Country Park again

Back to Loggerheads for the second time this year.  As I said in that earlier entry, it's somewhere I've visited frequently on walks with my family, and this was such an occasion, with my mother and sister at the one time of year we can rely on getting together.

20 November, 2005

Walk: Whernside, Yorkshire Dales

Until fairly recently, I wasn't even sure of the location of Whernside (I'd also thought it was called 'Great Whernside', but that's an entirely different hill elsewhere in Yorkshire), the tallest of the Yorkshire Three Peaks at 736 m (2415').  I've walked up Ingleborough several times, and aborted a trip up Pen-Y-Ghent several years ago (that was a very wet January day), but those two have distinctive shapes, unlike Whernside.  I knew the rough direction to it, but wouldn't have recognised it from even a kilometre away.  Indeed, I hadn't; I've visited Ribblehead Viaduct at least five times, and photographed the ridge overlooking it without realising that it has a name... guess.

4 September, 2005

I'm on a mountain! Can you hear me?

A survey for the Ramblers' Association (a pressure group dedicated to walkers' access to the countryside) reports that only 10% of people regularly carry a mobile phone when out walking.
That's odd.  I have a mobile phone specifically for such occasions – I'm extremely unlikely to have my phone with me unless I'm walking or cycling in the country.
I don't like mobile phones, but I'd certainly encourage everyone to carry one when in remote locations, simply as a safety measure.

2 April, 2005

Walk: Loggerheads Country Park

Loggerheads is a hamlet just over the Rainbow from Mold.

5 March, 2005

Walk: Ingleton waterfalls

Occasionally, social events are organised by and for the senior members of Bowland College (i.e. members of University staff affiliated to Bowland, but not the undergraduate students).  Karaoke or bowling don't interest me, but today's event was a walk in the Yorkshire Dales, so I was pleased to go.

28 December, 2004

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct, Llangollen & World's End

Considering I grew-up in North East Wales, it's perhaps surprising that barely know the Dee Valley upstream of Chester.  My childhood seemed to focus on the coastal belt, and I've only been to Wrecsam a couple of times.  Hence, though I lived within ~50km of today's destinations for 18 of my first 19 years, today's trip was new to me.

28 November, 2004

Walk: Clougha Pike

For only the second time this year, I think, I went for a walk in the hills today, climbing Clougha Pike (413 m / 1356').  It's within 30-40 mins of Lancaster by bike, but I went by car with Andy, Alizon and her nephew Sam.
The weather was pleasant as we left the city, and stayed dry, but the clouds were a little threatening - at least it added a little drama to a couple of the accompanying photos.

28 August, 2004

Walk: Middle Wood, Roeburndale

The Middle Wood Trust is an environmental centre and community occupying low-impact ecological buildings in a profoundly rural section of Roeburndale, near Wray, itself ~11 miles (~18 km) up the Lune Valley from Lancaster.  It runs courses in permaculture and environmentalism (plus certain New Age topics, which dilutes my respect for it, I'm afraid), and a number of people live on-site, in yurts.  It also owns a camping barn about a kilometre upriver of the main community, which it rents to groups wishing to 'get away from it all'.  A group of my friends hire the barn for a weekend each year, typically coinciding with birthdays in May or July, but I don't recall there being a specific reason this time.

25 January, 2004

First decent walk of the year

I went for a walk with Hedley today, up Ingleborough Hill (723 m), just over the Lancashire border into the county of North Yorkshire and the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

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