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13 April, 2010

Recalibrating compass again

Back in February 2004, I completed the 'Political Compass' assessment of my political views.  I repeated the exercise in January 2005, then largely forgot about it until the URL was circulated by one of my colleagues this morning, and I tried it again.

30 September, 2008

Yay! Meme time!

A quick questionnaire discovered via Calephetos:

25 July, 2008

What Kind of Dungeons & Dragons Character Would You Be?

It's been quite a while since I completed a LiveJournal-style 'What bra am I?' * meme questionnaire.  It's even more unexpected to have discovered one via Sal who, in his defence, observes that it's rather more substantial than the usual 3-5 questions (there are 129), and hence more substantive.  Maybe.

25 June, 2008

SFX Top 100 Fantasy/SF Authors, pt.2

This is part 2 of the 'SFX Top 100 Fantasy/SF Authors' meme; I've already listed the 67 authors rated amongst the most popular in the UK but which are unfamiliar to me or whose 'work' I strongly dislike.  That leaves 33 authors worthy of comment, which is still quite a few; certainly more than would prove an indifference or downright dislike of the sci-fi or fantasy genres.

25 June, 2008

SFX Top 100 Fantasy/SF Authors, pt.1

According to Neil Gaiman, the latest mass-meme is to copy the 'Top 100 Fantasy/SF Authors' list from SFX magazine and comment on each.

21 May, 2008

Excuses and prompts to ramble

**** me – Sal's completed a meme questionnaire.  That's unexpected.

I suppose I'd better partake, though I don't have the time, disposable intellectual capacity or, well, writing ability to match Sal's efforts.

27 April, 2008

Spring music meme

A quick music meme, discovered via Tim:

26 December, 2007


Just as I complete one meme questionnaire, I see that Krys has made another available.

Oh, go on, then.

26 December, 2007

In case of emergency, break seal

I've had a meme questionnaire hanging around to complete when I had little substantial to say and limited opportunity to use the time more productively.  Plus, I find these things somewhat therapeutic, for some reason.

10 October, 2007


Calephetos reports that the following are currently the 106 books most often marked as 'unread' by LibraryThing users.

21 September, 2007

'Can you believe it?'

Meme time.  It's been a while.  This questionnaire is via Proggrl:

3 June, 2007

Forty (38) assorted questions

A quick 40-question, er, questionnaire discovered, as nearly-always, via Neil.  So quick, in fact, that there are only 38 questions.

27 May, 2007

Music Memories

The idea of this meme, discovered via Tim, is to list one's ten most played artists, then answer random questions about each one.  For most people, 'most played' would be a statistic derived from iTunes or similar, but my Creative Zen doesn't collect such data (nor would I particularly want it to, except when completing trivia such as this), so like Tim's, the following list is a bit of a guess.

20 April, 2007

Quick meme

Via Proggrl:

1 April, 2007


This meme questionnaire, discovered via Calephetos, is an opportunity to elaborate on an aspect of my belief system: I don't like the Green party.

30 March, 2007


Title says it all.  Should be quick to complete.

Via Calephetos.

21 March, 2007

Roll yer own

... again.

Here's a meme questionnaire generated 'randomly' by answering twenty questions from the database.  Answer the same questions, or generate your own set.

11 March, 2007

B-i-g meme

This massive meme questionnaire is via Calephetos.  It's so long that I was soon reduced to single-word answers, but if I remembered answering a question before, I've linked back.

27 January, 2007

A to Z of me

Here's a (rather long) meme questionnaire discovered via Calephetos (someone other than Neil, for once).

24 January, 2007

Just in time, a meme

Yet another meme discovered via Neil.

Anyone care to explain the title?

12 January, 2007

A nerd/geek meme

Discovered via Neil, this could be brief....

28 December, 2006

A is for...

A quick one via Neil

24 December, 2006

Top 250, III

In February 2004, I participated in the 'top 250 films' meme, which involved copying the list of the IMDb's top 250 films and highlighting those I'd actually seen.  Almost two years later, I repeated the exercise last December.  Time to do so again.  Note that the top 250 changes rapidly and the following list is today's (24/12/06), quite different to those of February 2004 and December 2005.

19 December, 2006

A spark of festivity

Surprisingly enough, I discovered this meme questionnaire via Neil (though I see Tim completed a version too).  It relates to the 'seasonal holiday', so I might get bored halfway through and struggle to contain my irritation until the end.  Fun, fun, fun.

6 November, 2006


Grr.  Neil's posted another meme questionnaire, so I'd better complete it.  It's not as if these things are optional, after all.

1 November, 2006


I found this questionnaire at Zuly's Zu, though I'm not sure how I got there!

26 October, 2006

Random 29

A new meme questionnaire, via Neil (as usual!):

29 July, 2006


Here we go again.  This one's via Neil, though he omitted one question which I found via Dave.

12 July, 2006

The remaining questions

I didn't notice at the time, but the meme questionnaire I completed yesterday omitted several questions.  Having found all but one of the missing questions, I'll answer them now.

11 July, 2006

Not-lame random questions

Discovered via Jackie, this is a bit USA-centric and LiveJournalist, but make the most of it; these meme questionnaires are as close as I get to revealing personal information on t' web.  Visit the 'Memes' category archive for several more sets of questions.

24 May, 2006

Me, me

I haven't completed a meme questionnaire for a while, so here's one 'borrowed' from Glittermouse.

21 March, 2006

The oracle says...

A slightly different variety of music meme questionnaire, via Calephetos:

Put your iTunes/Winamp/WMP (in my case, Creative Zen) on shuffle and use the song title as the answer to the question.

Considering my taste in music, this could be good, or could go terribly wrong....

17 March, 2006

Yay! Meme time!

One via Neil:

19 February, 2006

Have you ever...?

Another 'Have you ever...?' meme questionnaire, this time via Calephetos.
Sorry to stereotype, but it is a bit 'LiveJournalist', and I found myself answering several questions with recollections of my late teens/early twenties.

24 January, 2006

Forth Hings

I found the following questionnaire via Siobhan, whose disdain for memes is only exceeded by the comprehensiveness of her responses. ;)
Personally, I like meme questionnaires.  They can focus the mind on topics one mightn't otherwise think of addressing, and occasionally reveal more that might actually interest people than one's usual self-absorbed rants*.

28 December, 2005

Meme time

Here's another meme questionnaire, which seems to avoid most of the usual questions.  I'm afraid I don't recall where I found it, at least a month ago.

17 December, 2005

Top 250, II

In February 2004, I participated in the 'top 250 films' meme, which involved copying the list of the IMDb's top 250 films (as voted by users) and highlighting those one has actually seen.  Almost two years later, I might as well repeat the exercise.  Rather than reuse the same list from 22 months ago, the following is based on today's:

1 December, 2005

Ten to one

Yet another meme (there seem to have been a lot recently), via Neil.  Unlike the average LiveJournalist, I can count, so I hunted for a version with the correct number of questions.

30 November, 2005

SF book meme

Via Tim, a simple premise: take the Guardian's list of the top 20 'geek' novels written in English since 1932, and indicate which you've read.

28 November, 2005

Another music meme

It's been a while since I last completed a music-related meme questionnaire, so here's one discovered via Neil.

6 November, 2005

Of course

Following Neil with blind and unquestioning faith, I've completed this 'Which religion is the right one for you?' quiz, and confirmed the obvious conclusion:

You are... an atheist, though you probably already knew this. Also, you probably have several people praying daily for your soul. Instead of simply being 'nonreligious', atheists strongly believe in the lack of existence of a higher being, or god.

27 October, 2005

How smart are you?

The BBC has been running a series of quizzes, based on the UK National Curriculum.  I don't know what level of exam they're supposed to represent, but here are my results.

18 August, 2005

What’s on your Start Menu?

A quick Windows-only meme, via Neil (again):

In WinXP, Windows lists your most frequently/recently used programs on the left-hand side (assuming you’re using the new-style start menu).

15 August, 2005

Ah, memories

A reminiscing meme, via Neil:

When was the last time you…

7 May, 2005

You think it's a new meme

This isn't so much a new meme, as a new source of meme questions.  Anyway; the instructions are:

  • Go to
  • Cut-and-paste the first twenty questions it offers into your blog.
  • No skipping, unless a question is entirely irrelevant (e.g. about a TV programme not shown in your country).
  • Answer the questions, preferably with more than 'yes' or 'no'.
Here's mine:

6 March, 2005

Uncensored shuffling

I haven't mentioned (yet) that I bought a personal mp3 player a couple of weeks ago – a 20Gb Creative Zen Touch, emphatically not an iPod!  I'll probably comment further once I'm more used to it, but in the mean time, a fairly common meme is now open to me; it's a blog cliché, but so what?  Think of it as a snapshot insight into my personal taste.

20 February, 2005

Serial reading

Which authors by whom have you read more than ten books?
No, that makes no grammatical sense.
Which authors have you read more than ten books by?
No, that's wrong, too.
Name those authors of whose books you have read more than ten.
That's better.  Not great, but better.

Here are mine, in alphabetical order.  It's as arbitrary as any other technique.

8 February, 2005

Fifty remix

This meme, discovered via Neil's World isn't an entirely new one.  I completed a very similar version last May (as did Neil), so I'll refer the reader back to my earlier answers to some questions.  Scholars of meme propagation ;) might be interested by the degree and nature of the changes - some questions are identical, whereas others, particularly those even vaguely risqué, have evolved.  A couple seem to have been imported from other memes, too.

11 January, 2005

What did I say?

Here's a new, ultimately pointless though mildly amusing meme seen via Neil's World.  Republish the first sentence of the first posting you made each month in 2004, as an overview (more like a random sampling) of your preoccupations over the year.  Okay:

7 January, 2005

Recalibrating compass

Prompted by Neil, I've repeated the Political Compass assessment, which I first attempted almost a year ago.  Then, my rating was -2.50, -4.87, whereas today's was -4.62, -3.90.  This is bound to have been influenced by international politics, so I'm particularly surprised that I've shifted significantly towards collectivism (pro- state economic intervention) and slightly towards social authoritarianism, though still primarily a social libertarian.

That didn't seem intuitive, but I think I can reconcile myself with the idea that I support state provision for those in need, without being in favour of state regulation of individuals' actions.  As I've said before, I feel the state should exist to serve individuals, never the reverse.

[22/04/14: -3.25, -5.90]

31 December, 2004

50 things to eat

A while ago, the BBC invited suggestions for the "top 50 things everyone should try a bite of in their lifetime". Here are the results.  I've eaten all except those in bold, and would be happy to eat those too, given an opportunity.  I've added a few comments, so I hope this entry isn't as pointless an exercise as it might seem initially.

29 December, 2004

Meme of many layers

This meme, seen at Neil's World, has been awaiting a response for over a month.
As always, requests for further details are welcomed.

10 December, 2004

Autocomplete alphabet

This meme, traced back to Shut Up Dude (which says it's older) returns to the purest form of blog: a literal log of where the owner has been on the web.
The instructions are simple.  Type the letter 'a' into your browser's address bar, and note the first page suggested by autocomplete.  Repeat for the full alphabet.
This is the result for my work PC:

12 November, 2004

Miscellania meme

Dina has randomly sampled numerous e-mail 'getting to know you' surveys, and compiled a new blog meme.  It's been a while since I participated in one of these, so:

18 October, 2004

Surprisingly accurate

I tend to avoid these meme questionnaires, or rather, I idly complete some, but rarely bother to post them here.  This one, well, is no different: Which File Extension Are You?


You are .html
You are versatile and improving, but you do have your limits.
When you work with amateurs it can get quite ugly.

Very true (though I tend to use .htm) ;)

16 August, 2004

Ooh; a music meme!

The following are the answers at the time of writing - if you were to ask again tomorrow, I might answer differently.

16 May, 2004

This time it's fifty questions

Neil has posted another meme.  Sort-of; it's the type that circulates by e-mail, so some of the questions only really apply to that medium.

7 May, 2004

Oh well

The Friday Five is officially dead, only a few weeks after I started participating (coincidentally!).  I was going to proceed by completing past questions from the archive, but that has been removed too.
It was a good project, raising topics I mightn't otherwise have considered, so I'll probably look for an alternative.

5 May, 2004

Guess the song

Found at

1. Grab the nearest CD.
2. Put it in your CD Player (or start your mp3 player, iTunes, etc.).
3. Skip to song 3 (or load the 3rd song in your 3rd playlist).
4. Post the first verse in your journal along with these instructions.  Don’t name the band, nor the album title.


30 April, 2004

Friday wipeout

Not only are there no new 'Friday Five' questions this week, the archive of previous questions has been disabled, so I can't complete those either.

16 April, 2004

Friday Five (16 April)

Last Friday, 9 April, no new questions had been posted when I checked, so I completed a set from the archive.  When I checked this week, a set of questions for 9 March had appeared; they must have gone up late.  However, there were no new questions for this Friday, 16 April!

I was tempted to complete the 9 April questions a week late, but they're not particularly inspiring, so it's back to the archive, to the nearest date to 16 April in 2002: 19 April.  As will become apparent, this is going to be short ;)

11 April, 2004

Twenty-three questions

A new meme, seen at Neil's World:

9 April, 2004

Friday Five (9 April)

No 'Friday Five' again for the third consecutive week - has the meme's home site died?  Again, I've decided to use an earlier set of questions from the archive: 12 April, 2002:

2 April, 2004

Friday Five (2 April)

For the second consecutive week, there's no 'official' Friday Five, so I might as well complete an older one, from before I started this blog.  The following was the Friday Five for 5 April, 2002, as close to two years ago as is available.

19 March, 2004

Friday Five (19 March)

The questions are a bit less inspiring than in previous weeks, but here goes anyway.

12 March, 2004

Friday Five (12 March)

1. What was the last song you heard?

  • Purely by coincidence, it was my favourite song, the long (13.55) version of 'Even Less' (Porcupine Tree), on 'Recordings' (2001).  Listen to the standard (7.11) version from 'Stupid Dream' (1999), as a fairly high-quality (and full-length) sample at the band's website.

5 March, 2004

Friday Five (5 March)

What was...

21 February, 2004

100 Things

The '100 Things About Me' meme has been particularly persistent amongst bloggers, circulating since at least 2001.  It's an interesting exercise, which I recommend to others, but it's not as easy as it seems!

20 February, 2004

Friday Five

The first time I've participated, so here goes:

14 February, 2004

Top 250 films

Okay; I'm participating in another meme.  This is the one where people copy the list of the IMDb's top 250 films (as voted by users) and highlight those they've actually seen.  Using today's list, here goes:

The list

102 out of 250.
I'm not entirely sure what this says; a list of films others rate highly is of limited relevance to me.  That said, I certainly respect the opinions of others (I just reserve the right to ignore them...) and this exercise is likely to inform my future choices of rental videos.

10 February, 2004

Which counties have you visited?

UK counties visited by NRT.  Basic map: crown copyright 2001Though I immediately felt it necessary to clean up the default image, I've just found a utility which plots those counties one has visited in Scotland, Wales and England.  I've visited those in light green.  These are the counties where I've actually stopped at least long enough to eat, not counting motorway services (which are a kind of no-man's land), nor counties I've merely driven through.

What does your map look like?

2 February, 2004

Political Compass

This might be superior to the usual 'what bra are you?' type of blog 'tests', or it might just be a more elaborate version of the same.  You decide.

The Political Compass test asks whether one agrees/disagrees with a series of propositions about the nation and the world, the economy, personal social values, wider society, religion, and sex.

15 December, 2003

What colour are you?

Okay, it's a 'personality-as-colour' test, the stuff of a thousand blogs, but  this isn't as crude as the majority, using '... a lot more math' to select one of 140 possible outcomes, based on hue (how one thinks), saturation (how much one does about it), and lightness (the effect one thinks it has).  I'm not entirely sure of its (pseudo-)scientific basis; the attribution of hue in particular seems arbitrary, but I was certainly surprised by my result.

21 November, 2003

Bloginality: the ISTP personality

My Bloginality (Myers-Briggs-Jung Type, derived from a very short test) is ISTP, corresponding to a SP personality, which is part of Jung's Artisans (Sensation Seeking) type; more specifically the Crafters or Mechanics.
Having read a bit more, via the links on the ISTP page, it seems broadly accurate, though not ideal.

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