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5 January, 2011

Read Wormworld

Via BoingBoing, I've discovered a new online graphic novel* .  It looks gorgeous and the story's very promising, but don't get too excited yet, as only the first chapter is online, and that took Daniel Lieske a full year to produce in his spare time.

One of the attractive aspects is that Lieske has used the 'infinite canvas' layout, where the entire chapter is on one web page, navigated by scrolling. I did wonder whether it'd be a problem for future publication – the sections bleed into one another and don't divide at natural page lengths, so translation to book format could be awkward. I'm not sure even a standard ebook format, still involving page turning, would work.
Then I realised that translation to hardcopy mightn't even be intended – that the nearest to book format the Wormworld Saga might ever get could be a tablet computer's app. I'm definitely not crying wolf about the death of 'traditional' books, not least because content is more important than delivery mechanism, but this could mark something of a shift.

*: Not 'comic'. Some consider the term 'graphic novel' pompous, preferring 'comic', but I frequently do use the former, for the simple reason that the best examples aren't comical or comedic. Besides, in this instance the author is specifically structuring it as a novel.

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