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6 October, 2010

Good SW news and, potentially, bad

Those interested in the music of Steven Wilson, but who don't frequent the associated discussion groups (as I no longer do), might be, er, interested to know about two recent releases, not least because they're both free downloads.

First is a song prepared for SW's next 'solo' album (under his own name, as opposed to Bass Communion), but which he doesn't intend to develop further for inclusion in that project. Instead, he made it available via the website of a US radio station which interviewed him recently.

Second is a group of seven tracks, with a collective running time of 37 minutes, which were considered for release as bonus material with pre-ordered copies of the 'Insurgentes' documentary film. Different material was chosen for that purpose, and the seven tracks made available for free download in .wav format.

The potential 'bad news' is, in hindsight, obvious from the title of this latter release: 'Tape Experiments 1985-86' – it is indeed 'experimental' music produced by SW in the pre-Porcupine Tree era: interesting but nothing I'd upload to my iPod for repeated listening.

Note that these downloads, particularly the first, mightn't be available indefinitely.

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