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16 September, 2010

Bottled inertia

It seems the Campaign to Protect Rural England is proposing a reintroduction of refundable deposits being charged on glass and plastic bottles, in attempt to reduce littering.

I suppose it's a good idea in principle, and the very fact of proposing it raises consciousness, but I'm not convinced that it'd work nowadays. The UK has become accustomed to doorstep collection of recyclable refuse. I wouldn't exactly welcome the idea of having to store bottles separately in my small house again, and would be particularly resistant to the idea of having to take them to collection/refund locations (and that's a network that'd need to be set up beforehand) myself, without a car. I'd be far more likely to simply write-off the deposit and recycle as normal, or reduce the number of bottled items I buy. Maybe the latter is the real objective....


It works, especially if there is a significant segment of society that is (relatively) poor. If you don't want to return your bottles for deposit, leave them out with your recyclables. One of your neighbours will undoubtedly pick them up and return them.

Happily, the same goes for those bottles that others, perhaps more ignorant than yourself, throw away with their garbage or (even more significantly) discard in public spaces, creating litter. Someone will come and pick up those bottles if they can make a few pence doing so.

Posted by Jon. at September 16, 2010 04:11 PM
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