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4 September, 2010

Gave it a fair try

I've tried the 'new' Google Images interface since it was released several weeks ago, largely because I thought it was compulsory.

I still don't like it.

I prefer the details of all the image search results to appear on the page from the outset – having to hover over each thumbnail to ascertain its full dimensions or original location slows me down unnecessarily. I also don't see merit in having marginally larger thumbnails, nor in having 30+ pages of results appear at once in one huge dynamic page.
I don't have an inherent objection to change, so long as it adds value, but this seemed like refreshing the UI merely for the sake of having a refreshed UI. Sometimes 'old-fashioned' static pages Just Work.

Those who feel the same way, and who were similarly, er, slow to read the footer menu of that massive results page, might like to know that it's entirely possible to revert to the foregoing display style, aka 'basic view'.

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