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14 February, 2010

Look and think

Operating a site called 'Ministry of Information', I'm accustomed to people mistaking it for a an official government publication, despite all the evidence in the visual design and content; I even received an enquiry from a professional BBC researcher recently.  People just don't look, nor question their presumptions.

Neven Mrgan reports a few other instances, whereby people plainly do a Google search for 'facebook login' (not merely 'facebook', which would work) and follow whatever appears in the top results, even when that's a third-party news blog article about Facebook's login system. The landing page looks nothing whatsoever like Facebook, yet there's a thread of ~80 angry comments from people complaining that they can't use it to login (then ~1,300 more comments mocking them). It even reached the point that the site owner considered it necessary to insert an extra paragraph into the article, explicitly stating that 'This site is not Facebook'.

That instance has become fairly famous over the past couple of days, but some of Mrgan's other examples are even worse: Flickr comment threads which reveal that people have been confused enough to try to log into thumbnails of Facebook screenshots.

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