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1 December, 2009

I can see again

Last night, I uninstalled Photoshop 7 from my PC.  It seemed like a good idea at the time.  After all, I have Ps CS4 Extended too, so why waste the drive space?

Adobe Gamma. I hadn't realised how dependent I was on that simple utility for managing my monitor's output, nor that it'd be automatically removed alongside Ps7.

I'm not sure why more recent versions of the market-leading raster graphics editor omit a display management tool (er... I'm not simply overlooking something, am I?) since, as should be needless to say, it's essential to calibrate one's monitor before even considering any editing of photos. The default settings of standard domestic/office monitors are far too bright and contrasty, generally optimised for text. Photos need something more subtle; in my case, I needed to drop the gamma setting a long way.

Rather than reinstall Ps7, a standalone utility or even borrow professional calibration hardware, I readjusted my monitor 'manually', with reference to a set of images & animations provided by Lagom. If you need to perform a calibration too, or just want to check your existing settings, give it a try.

Then realise you need a better monitor....

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