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25 October, 2009

Colour challenge

How well do you perceive colours?  A firm specialising in colour calibration offers a quick (I was going to say 'simple', but it isn't as easy as that might imply) online version of the Farnsworth-Munsell 100 Hue Test.

Four rows of colour chips are out of sequence; drag-and-drop them into the correct orders.
It might be worth looking away from the screen frequently, and taking a short break before performing a final check and submitting the test for assessment; I didn't, but spotted errors when I went back to it.

With that caveat, my first result was '8' on a scale of '0' (perfect) to '99' (poor). In addition to providing that number, the results page highlighted the tonal ranges in which I struggled, which is very useful to know.

Trying again, taking time to rest my eyes, I achieved a result slightly more appropriate for a professional web/graphic designer and amateur photographer: '0', or 'perfect colour acuity'.

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