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19 October, 2009

.NET Framework Obstructant - again

Microsoft's at it again.  The most recent 'Patch Tuesday' updates, record-breaking in their extent, included an undeclared plugin for Firefox (that's plugin, not extension; they're different), related to the .NET Framework.  The first Fx users are likely to know is when a Mozilla error message pops up to warn of a security vulnerability called 'Windows Presentation Foundation 3.5.30729.1'.

Ordinarily I consider each 'critical' update individually as part of the 'Custom' facility of Windows Update, rather than 'Express', and decide whether I really want it (I always reject the Malicious Software Removal Utility, for example), but when 13 appeared this morning on my work PC, I just accepted them. Foolish.

Other sources (lacking permalinks...) claim that Microsoft have fixed the security vulnerability and that Mozilla might remove their block on the plugin, but that's not the point: I will not accept unsolicited software, so the plugin is going. I'd recommend others do the same.

If Microsoft want to improve integration between Windows and Firefox, they need to amend their own software, not amend third-party browsers such as Fx.

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