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19 May, 2010

I think, therefore I'm someone else again

Yesterday, I mentioned that:

My life has changed fairly radically since November (overwhelmingly for the better, though it's been tough).

I could have gone on to say that that's also triggered a reexamination of this blog. I once said that:

I'm not trying to distance myself from my own writing; I stand by almost all of it.
I'm less sure that's still true: thankfully, I've escaped a rut occupied for far too long, and I'm certainly no longer the 35-year-old who felt able to make that commitment to the 33-year-old NRT.

I'm not about to trawl through the archives deleting/rewriting statements I no longer support, and nor am I about to walk away from the blog altogether, but please check the date of each posting before judging me on its content!

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