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29 August, 2009

Shifting times

As a result of my recently-rediscovered interest in Baroque music, my iPod now contains as much music from before 1960 (before 1930, apart from two tracks) than from the Eighties, very nearly as many tracks as from the Seventies, and over three times as many as from the Sixties.  Not that any of that's difficult, as I overwhelmingly prefer post-1990 music.

  • Pre-1960: 342
  • 1960s: 111
  • 1970s: 358
  • 1980s: 342
  • 1990s: 1239
  • 2000s: 1750
Or rather, I prefer genuinely creative music, and consider that was generally lacking in the foregoing decades, apart from a minority of true gems (plus I just plain dislike psychedelia, 'prog', etc.).

I'm not sure why that was &ndash could it be that music technology was developing radically in that period, with the introduction of electric and electronic instruments, and corresponding evolution of production techniques? One consequence could have been musicians being as interested in experimenting with the kit and effects as in assimilating them then creating art.
I don't know; I'm idly guessing, but I do feel that the technology can be incidental in modern creative music (not mass-produced pap, and that wasn't a typo), rather than a marketable gimmick.

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