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20 August, 2009


My unexpected discovery of Imogen Heap on late-night TV in 2006 resulted in the purchase of one of my favourite albums, 'Speak For Yourself'.  Her third, 'Ellipse' is now available for preorder, for release on 24 August.

For some reason I'm really drawn to her breathy electronic pop; this may be my 'album of 2009'; listen to the preview (a stream of the whole album) to determine whether you agree.

She also knows how to release special editions credibly, too (unlike the materialist pretentiousness of Steven Wilson, for example). 'Immi's Preferred Edition' features the standard album on one CD and 13 instrumental versions of the album tracks on a second, with a 24-page booklet. No oversized hardback books, pointless exclusivity or prohibitive prices: offers the special edition for a mere £9 + P&P (£2 within the UK).

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