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1 August, 2009

Joy II

When I mentioned the 'JK Wedding Entrance Dance' YouTube video last week, I was a little concerned that it'd be removed, as its soundtrack uses a copyrighted pop song without permission.

However, it seems the artist and record company were surprisingly sensible, successfully monetising the unexpected exposure. Partly via a 'click-to-buy' link added to the page, the song has reached no.4 on the iTunes singles chart and no.3 on Amazon's 'bestselling mp3' chart, over a year after it was first released.

Many have questioned the suitability of a song by a musician guilty of domestic violence (I don't; it's simply a good accompaniment to a charming video, and the wedding party had no responsibility to choose something more 'worthy'), and the subsequent boost to his bank balance, but part of the married couple's response to the meme (over 13 million views at the time of writing) was to launch a website soliciting donations to domestic violence charity.

[Via BoingBoing, where a commenter offers a further link, to a CollegeHumor parody which transfers the dance to a divorce court.]

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