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21 June, 2009

Yes, in my front yard's fine

I'm an individualist.  You may have noticed by now.

I feel strongly that the state should exist to serve individuals, never the reverse; that government should be a service provider facilitating the lives of individuals, and that government should never force individuals to jump through (metaphorical...) hoops merely for administrative convenience. The job of the 'security' agencies is a difficult one, and should be.

However, none of this means I reject basic social responsibility: I also favour self-censorship ahead of freedom of speech, and consider that my right to behave as I wish, anonymously, extends only as far as doesn't affect others.

In today's Observer, David Mitchell, in his amusing but insufferably middle-class English way, writes about wheelie bin protesters. I agree.

A digression in the article's comments actually reinforces the point. Why do Daily Mail readers, stereotypical right-wing libertarians who constantly whine about 'the nanny state' and 'political correctness' (supposedly excessive attempts to avoid offending minorities), spend their entire lives claiming to be offended?

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