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15 May, 2009

Random queries no. 155

One of a series of genuine search engine enquiries which successfully brought visitors to the Ministry [actually, this one's an e-mail].  Can I help?

where to park farleton knott

It's not the most manoeuvrable of hills, so I'd be inclined to leave it where it is.

Slightly more seriously, I'm not aware of a particularly good place to leave a car in the immediate area. All the surrounding roads are narrow lanes, and any wider sections probably ought to be left clear as passing places. There is a slightly larger layby at the head of the Burton-Newbiggin road, between Holmepark Fell and Hutton Roof Crags, but the limited space fills quickly. Otherwise it's Farleton, Newbiggin, Holme or Burton (though their residents mightn't appreciate my saying that!) and a longer walk.

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