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24 April, 2009

Let's not get entrenched

There's a lot I dislike about Macs – rather more than I dislike about Wintel PCs – but having spent yesterday afternoon listening to a senior manager at Apple, I've realised some of my criticisms aren't the ones I thought.

I'm ashamed to acknowledge the level to which my perceptions had been influenced by the rants and unsubstantiated opinions of both Mac-haters and Mac cultists (including itself) rather than objective facts or my own experiences.
For example, a small part of my (undiminished) dislike of the OS X UI and Mac hardware was a reaction against Mac cultists who think the products are "gorgeous", a factor I consider less than irrelevant: on reflection, my contempt is for the cultists, not really the kit.
Conversely, I'd absorbed Mac-hater's hostile interpretations of Apple's corporate intentions, which were somewhat dispelled by hearing policies convincingly rationalised, in person, by a senior manager.

I still see a lot wrong with Macs, but I hope I'm now a little more open to being persuaded, on the merits of the products rather than the prejudices of users/non-users. I can't imagine replacing my desktop PC with a Mac, but if I ever feel the need for a web-enabled phone (most unlikely at present!), I wouldn't automatically dismiss the iPhone – ~26 hours ago, I would.

[Ugh. Writing this entry inspired me to look at again, refreshing my animosity:
"Why you'll love a Mac: Itís gorgeous. Inside and out. Even the keyboard is beautiful."
**** off, you shallow, pretentious ****s. You may – may – have products worth investigating, but you'll never, ever sell me one on the basis of image or emotional 'appeal'.]

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