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27 March, 2009

Fear everything. Then tell us about it.

Earlier in the week, the Police released more of their fear-mongering posters, this time encouraging Londoners to examine their neighbours' rubbish and to report anyone looking at CCTV cameras.

As Cory Doctorow said at BoingBoing:

Essentially, this redefines 'suspicious' as anything outside of the direct experience of the most frightened, ignorant and foolish people in any neighborhood.
Even worse, though, is the idea that you should report your neighbors to the police for looking at the creepy surveillance technology around them. This is the first step in making it illegal to debate whether the surveillance state is a good or bad thing.
BoingBoing readers characteristically responded by remixing the posters.

The scary thing is that none of the parodies are as paranoid as the genuine ones.


shades of china's cultural revolution.
watch your neighbours. report their behaviour.

and didn't THAT work out well!

Posted by Saltation at March 28, 2009 12:23 AM
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