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17 March, 2009

Easily pleased

It seems I was quoted in the Guardian this week.

Okay, it was the Lancaster Guardian, I wasn't credited, and it was merely a result of my being able to read a URL, but at least my colleagues were impressed.

The issue was that 'a popular mapping website' mislaid my employer's premises: the 'Search' utility provided a location in the middle of the North Sea, so instructions from the accompanying 'Find Directions' utility involved jumping off the Zeebrugge-Rosyth ferry. My insightful observation (yeah, right), was that the URL included the wrong longitude: approximately 2.78, placing Lancaster east of Greenwich, rather than the correct -2.78(ish), west of the international dateline. Just a typo with an amusing result – hardly front page news. But that's where it was published.

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