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11 February, 2009

Opportunity discarded

Following a link at User Friendly, I discovered a Flash-based online game.  I knew no more about it than that: a popular website had instilled a vague curiosity and directed me to a lesser-known site which could then grab and develop my mild interest.  A powerful opportunity.

Instead, I discovered that many of the game's menu items were disabled:

If you block the ads, the game will run in crippled mode. Please support us developers!
Absolutely not. I regard these things as a loss-leader: an opportunity for developers to gain exposure which might lead to commercial work, or to draw people into a commercial game via a free sample. If a developer tries to set preconditions for even a casual glance at his/her work, I'll simply leave: his/her loss.

I'm the potential customer: I get to set the preconditions, not the person seeking income from me/my actions. I will not pay for online content, and I will not view adverts on the web. If a developer can't find a monetisation model that accommodates those non-negotiable limitations, that's not my problem.

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