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9 August, 2008

Day trip to Port Sunlight (and Shotwick)

Another day, another gallery....  After yesterday's trip to the Tate and the Walker in Liverpool, today my mother and I visited an old favourite, the Lady Lever in Port Sunlight, between Bromborough and Birkenhead on the Wirral.

On the spur of the moment, we also made a short diversion to Shotwick, a tiny village on the English/Welsh border, for possibly the third time in my life, despite having passed literally hundreds of times. Even on those occasions I think it was a matter of satisfying my curiosity about what was down that road by taking a quick glance: just in as far as the first place to turn the car then back out and on to our intended destination. Today may have been the first time I've walked around, and visited the (locally) famous church. Which, as the accompanying photos show, was open to visitors.

Similarly, though I've visited the Lady Lever Art Gallery often enough to have near-memorised much of the Lever collection, the rest of the garden village was terra incognita. It still is, really, and I must go back (in better weather: the harsh light wasn't conducive to photography), but I had a quick look at the nearby Leverhulme Monument and a longer study of the splendid War Memorial – long enough to begin considering its underlying meaning rather than its visual appeal, and its truly monstrous message.

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