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15 January, 2009

Empty words

For a moment, I was encouraged by the Foreign Secretary's belated public acknowledgement, in the Guardian, that the War On Nouns was a mistake: terrorism is a tactic rather than itself a cause, and military action isn't 'the answer'.  For a moment, I wondered whether Miliband had defected from his Party.

But then I read the substance of his article, and found little more than platitudes timed to coincide with next Tuesday's US regime change. It's particularly offensive for one of the most senior members of the current UK Government to say:

We must respond to terrorism by championing the rule of law, not subordinating it, for it is the cornerstone of the democratic society. We must uphold our commitments to human rights and civil liberties at home and abroad.
So that'll mean a rapid withdrawal of state intervention into individuals' privacy, right? No more talk of ID cards and the associated database(s)? Mass deletion of DNA records? Decommission of CCTV networks? No? Oh, we've all got to make compromises. Of course.

Keep talking, David. You might accidentally say something real.

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