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13 January, 2009

Top of the world - waa!

Since falling off my bike three times last month, painfully (it's debatable whether the bike or I sustained more damage), I've slightly lost my nerve.

I still cycle daily, not least because it's my only practical means of commuting, but I'm struggling to lean properly, I overreact to any slight irregularity in steering (those two points feed back into each other, of course) and I'm extremely nervous when descending frosty hills; on two occasions I've been close to panic and walking instead.

There's been a further, unexpected effect: I've been experiencing vertigo for the first time in my life – I suppose it's fundamentally related to balance, too. Discovering that whilst on the icy parapet of a dam, walking alone (okay, okay; being there at all was rather foolish), was... interesting. For a moment I couldn't move, even to shuffle around on the spot and retreat. It's been less severe since then, but even descending a steep flight of stairs has caused a little unsteadiness.

As the weather's improving and roads are reliably ice-free, I've become a little more confident on my bike. I certainly hope that also extends to my tolerance of heights soon.


If you were injured it's possible that your balance can be affected, when I injured my knee I was advised to do proprioception exercises since I had already been using a balance board to help improve my balance for mountain biking and climbing that was easy for me.

Try using a balance board which is essentially just a board of wood on something cylindrical that can roll side to side, you stand on the board and balance on top. I hope that helps.

Posted by Stephen Paulger at January 14, 2009 09:53 AM
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