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29 June, 2008

Walk: Clougha, near Lancaster

Yesterday's only partially-successful trip to find Andy Goldsworthy's artwork on Clougha left me wanting to make another attempt immediately.  So I did.

This time I followed the more conventional route, cycling to Birk Bank car park and walking along the main path to Windy Clough then on to the summit at Clougha Pike. Avoiding the summit shelter itself, I turned away to the south-east along the Ward's Stone path, then a even narrower track across the moor to the shooting road (study the OS map; it's clearly marked).

Back at the Goldsworthy pillars for the second time this weekend, in better (but still hazy) weather and with a fully-functioning camera, I resumed taking the photos I'd missed yesterday, before heading back down the shooting track to three unnamed cairns, where I crossed back across the heather to Little Windy Clough and the main route back to Birk Bank & my bike.

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