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8 August, 2008

Photos taken around Albert Dock and Lime Street, Liverpool

To Liverpool today, to visit the Klimt exhibition at the Tate Liverpool gallery.

In short, the exhibition featured several wonderful Klimt pieces, but I was already familiar with the Beethoven Frieze, having seen the original in Wien last year, and only a minority of items in the exhibition were by Klimt – it was more about the context in which he worked than the work itself. Worth seeing, but I can appreciate that some might have been disappointed.

Due to the expected number of visitors, the Tate was selling tickets on a timed-admission basis, so we couldn't go straight in. We looked around the gallery's permanent exhibitions (and weren't especially impressed) but also had a little time to wander around the outside of the Albert Dock complex, so I took a few photos.

After finishing at the Tate, we decided to visit the Walker Art Gallery too, to see their temporary exhibition of 'Art In The Age Of Steam'. Unfortunately, inexperience with my new camera meant that I accidentally left the white balance set for indoor lighting, and the photos I took on the walk through Liverpool One and Mathew Street are unusably bright blue. I realised my mistake by the time we reached the Walker and for our subsequent walk across St. George's Plateau to Lime Street station and the train home, so there are a few photos to see.

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