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12 December, 2008

Need to know

I have a thermometer on the noticeboard next to my home PC, as I have a vague interest in the temperature of the room I occupy most.
My mother has a thermometer attached to the wall outside her kitchen door, as she seems to draw comfort from knowing the temperature that the inside of her house isn't.

I've often found that definition-by-external-circumstances slightly odd, but she might be 'right', in a way. Unless actually measuring it, the temperature of one's environment is a matter of perception: I have no greater need to know that my room is at exactly 10°C than my mother has a need to know her kitchen isn't at 3° – merely that I'm cold and she isn't.


An outside temperature measurement (I'm assuming "outside her kitchen door" is "outside") is interesting - it's the temperature of the "rest of the world" - the absolute temperature of where am now is irrelevant - it's either too cold, too warm or OK. What i'm trying to say is that i like to know that i'm better off being "inside"/"here" than "outside" - although i guess this is all normally subconscious (except for now, obviously...)

Posted by JonP at December 14, 2008 12:09 AM
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