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7 November, 2008


Alexis Petridis' newfound openness to complex music extends to him reviewing a box set of Gabriel-era Genesis albums.

He finds the awful lyrics more of a barrier than I do (I just ignore 'em) and prefers the poppy short songs to the grandiose epics I like, but that's fine – just a difference of opinion, and not as dismissive as I expected.

Yet he still hasn't quite grasped it:

Was there really a time when a band could expect to do good business with 21 minute-long songs in 9/8 time?
It doesn't matter. It wasn't about 'doing good business': their overarching objective wasn't self-serving popularity or wealth – Genesis were musicians, not aspiring celebrities (well, that incarnation of the band, anyway...).
I suppose that's incomprehensible to a modern pop critic.


He does use too many standard-issue clichés, though. The bit about 'White Mountain' making people want to form Sham 69 was a really bad one.

And he's totally wrong about nobody using unusual time signatures nowadays - modern metal is full of them.

Posted by Tim Hall at November 7, 2008 05:19 PM
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