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9 October, 2008

Canít touch this

Khoi Vinh describes the conflict between (print-format) design magazines attempting to convey useful information and feeling obliged to exemplify the subject.

Their charge is to showcase the best work in the field, and they naturally feel compelled to do so in as attractive a package as possible – using lush, full-color photography, tasteful typography and layout, and printing on archival or nearly archival quality paper. The problem though is that, in their commitment to high aesthetic quality, they are effectively publishing periodicals that are primarily saved and only secondarily read.

Itís taken me years of subscribing to these magazines or buying them on newsstands to finally admit to myself that, more often than not, they sit on my desk upon arrival and donít get read. Whether consciously or subconsciously, I consider them to be objects to be stored and protected from the ravages of reading.

Something of a problem, which might only be solved via the web.

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