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27 September, 2008

Iron forged

I'm not overly concerned about Google receiving my browsing history, nor particularly interested in trying Chrome, but for those who are, a remix of the Google browser is now available.

Iron has been thoroughly de-Googled: no unique user-ID is set, no user-specific information is returned to Google (including crash reports) and the updater is disabled to prevent subsequent official downloads reinserting trackers.

The download page is in German, but I'm assured the browser itself operates in English if one's PC is set up in that language.


oo ta, will try that when back on the pc tomorrow (stll no mac version)
i quite like chrome's non-boggingdown (mozillas and IE grind to a machine-jamming halt after a few hours). but its modal URL-completion keystrokes drive me up the wall. until that gets fixed/returned-to-standard it's flock for usability (but "jams" wayyy too soon), chrome for the java/ajax-heavy stuff, and firefox as a damaged halfwayhouse

Posted by Saltation at September 30, 2008 06:42 PM
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