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17 August, 2008

Flying visit to Anglesey

To Anglesey this weekend, for a party based on the premise of handing-over a cake won by HGO for correctly guessing A's finishing time in a sponsored race.

Only we accidentally left the cake in Lancaster.

I took my new camera (without the backup of my older camera, for the first occasion), but the weather and circumstances limited my chances to use it – arriving on Saturday evening and departing at midday on Sunday didn't leave time for a walk to the coast – so the resulting photos are a bit... random. Apart from that, they're notable for being the first published images from my new camera, a proper DSLR.


[D]SLRs kick arse. the difference in quality of shots is qualitative (;))

i gotta say, that shot of the chairs in the garden (and vice versa), for some reason REALLY grabs me.

Posted by Saltation at September 26, 2008 10:46 PM
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