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28 September, 2008

Get the stars

'We Still Have All The Stars', the second 'album' from The Resonance Association (though far from their first release), is now out.  It's available on vinyl (why?), with a free CD-R if ordered from Burning Shed, or as a 'free' 256 kbps .mp3 download from the dedicated album website, where 'free' means 'please donate whatever you think it's worth'.

I discovered TRA via their earlier dark ambient/post-rock projects, but I hear a lot more guitar-led space rock in 'We Still Have All The Stars'; the closing track might even be considered a bit too Floydian for some. The dense ambient soundscape is still there, though, and I'm torn between playing the album very loudly or at a level to best appreciate the depth of the mix. I might have to play it multiple times. Good.

I'd certainly recommend giving it a try, though I'm unsure about one track. TRA have produced techno-ish music before, but in the context of a largely instrumental, primarily space-rock album 'Unite', a track featuring guest lyricist/vocalist Scott Fuller, seems rather out-of-place.


... from

"We believe that great music simply deserves to be heard and so most mrs vee recordings releases are available here to download for free; but knowing that music fans are also collectors we produce limited run special editions of many releases both as CD-R productions with unique artwork and in ultra collectable vinyl pressings delivering the very best audio qualities."

So... it all seemed like such a good idea at the time.

Anthony H. Wilson once said... "Donít go into business to make money, go into business to do the best job you can" ... which is probably why the vinyl edition has absolutely no chance of making any money for us.

We go back in the studio next week. We are using the money people have donated through the site (by the way, it's a bit disingenuous to imply that our album is not 100% free - unlike some so-called progressive bands out there - the donation route is entirely separate to the link to our album and visitors to the site are not at any point tracked, forced to register or prevented on getting to the free album), which hopefully proves that at least some of the model will work!

all the best to all at the ministry

Posted by daniel at October 7, 2008 11:16 AM

by the way, it's a bit disingenuous to imply that our album is not 100% free

Sorry, Dan; that wasn't my intention. I was saying that I think it only reasonable for downloaders to pay what they feel it's worth, not that you're obliging them to!

I've yet to hear a compelling reason for releasing anything on vinyl in the 21st Century, but I'm no collector.

Posted by NRT at October 7, 2008 03:27 PM
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