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26 September, 2008

Nearly a million items

It's great to have access to a university library; pointless if one's interests extend no further than the latest airport bestseller but invaluable to anyone, say, researching local history/geography for photo captions.

And for staff, 'long-loan' means long: subject to recall, I have the books I borrowed today until 11 June, 2009.


that's one of the peculiar and peculiarly subtly crippling differences between australian and british cultures. the libraries.

basically, in britain, there aren't any. except for the microscopically rare few. and of those, only an exceptionally lucky subset are allowed to use them usefully.

the divorcement leads to alienation, created by a profound lack of awareness-of-opportunity/-ability for essentially the whole of britain. the cost, to/for the culture in macro and the individuals in micro, is breathtaking and heart-breaking.

Posted by Saltation at September 26, 2008 10:53 PM
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