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12 September, 2008

Reversal of fortune

I'm not sure what caused me to read as far as the sixth paragraph of a Guardian article about the US presidential election, as I don't remotely share the paper's political leanings and I find the domestic politics of some distant nation deeply boring.

However, I did, and this was the paragraph:

David Cameron knew that he would never be Prime Minister until he had killed the urgent hatred of the Conservative party in liberal England. A measure of his success is that hardly anyone now is caught up by the once ubiquitous feeling that no compromise is too great if it stops the Tories regaining power. Hate can sell better than hope.
Uncomfortable but true. I'm still rather unlikely to vote Tory, but no longer find it inconceivable, whereas there's absolutely no way I'd consider voting for the party of ID cards and the illegal Iraq war. Distaste for the Labour Party (and the Greens, needless to say) determines who wouldn't get my vote, but I'm less sure who would.

[Don't worry. I tend to avoid party-politics here, and don't plan to change that personal policy. In this instance I'm more interested in the psychology.]

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