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27 August, 2008

Post-rock band of the day

Anyone who likes the guitar-led post-rock of bands like Explosions In The Sky really needs to hear Pg.lost.

That comparison is both a good thing and bad, since my initial impression of the tracks available online was that this could be new material from Explosions In The Sky. Well, no; my initial, less analytical, impression was "this is wonderful!", so it'd be a pity if some dismiss them as merely derivative. I like EITS immensely, but somehow I hear more humanity in Pg.lost's music; it's no less intricate or soaring, but possibly displays less introspection.

Apart from that Myspace site (the url of the band's 'official site' redirects straight back there), I've struggled to find anything about the band (a four-piece from Sweden) and, more importantly, any way to order their album, 'It's Not Me, It's You!'. I've finally discovered that it hasn't actually been released yet in Europe, so I'll have to wait until some time in September. In the mean time, I've ordered their (very affordable) 2007 EP, 'Yes I Am' direct from the record label.

Give 'em a try.

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