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6 August, 2008

Stranger Inside

Richard Barbieri's Stranger Inside.
Well, yes, obviously; that's the miracle of human biology.

Ahem. Okay, by inspiring an awful pun, the title of Mr. B's forthcoming album has successfully induced me to promote it here, but it's only fair to mention that a 6-min sampler medley of extracts from 'Stranger Inside' is available at the afore-linked KScope website (warning: Flash-only), and on the strength of that, I won't be buying the album.

No particular criticism; it's just not remotely to my taste – I don't do 'mellow'. YMMV.

[Update 20:04: Hmm. Those willing to provide an e-mail address are able to download one whole track, 'Hypnotek', in .mp3 format, which sounds less like 'easy-listening'. Maybe I'll hunt for more samples after the release date.
Incidentally, I suspect KScope expects people to use real e-mail addresses, but Guerrillamail is your friend.]


I initially parsed your post to mean you wouldn't be buying the album because the website was in Flash.

I know Flash is bad, but not that bad....

Posted by Tim Hall at August 6, 2008 02:11 PM
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