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21 July, 2008

Confidence lacking

Following a couple of disappointing experiments with my new camera over the weekend, I was a little depressed: why did I spend hundreds of pounds on a means of taking photos inferior to those produced by my existing, 4-year-old camera?

However, I think it's simply that a 'proper' dSLR is far more powerful than I'd anticipated, with a corresponding learning curve. For example, I've noticed that one 'failure' had too shallow a depth of field – very likely to have been due to my misconfiguration – but managed to read the time on Liverpool's Liver Building's clock from 23.5 km away (that's 14.6 miles) in my mother's garden in Wales.

The most annoying thing is that, as I mentioned in a previous entry, I'm travelling a lot this week (with several not-to-be-repeated photo opportunities anticipated), so I don't have time to play about and learn, and though I might be able to obtain better pictures, I can't take the risk, and a promising but ****ing fiddly camera will have to stay at home.

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