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17 July, 2008

Miniature North West

The Miniature Earth Project is a fairly famous web video (slideshow?) representation of Donella Meadows' 1990 'State of the Village Report', exploring the demographics of a world population normalised to 100 people.  It's interesting, though I'm (perhaps unjustly) irritated by the ethical/environmentalist subtexts of the parameters chosen for comment.

Maybe because it's my own home region, and maybe because I perceive less judgmentalism in it, I rather prefer a local version focusing on North West England, commissioned by the North West Regional Assembly and adopting the same visual style and range of parameters to ask "if there were only 100 people in the region what would they look like, and what sort of place would it be to live?"

Okay, the graphics are a bit pick'n'mix (such indiscriminate use of stock photography and Flash animations comes across as 21st Century clipart) and I'd dispute the implication that 78% of North-westerners are practicing christians, but some might be interested to see at least the NWRA's interpretation of the environment which informs this blog.

[Thanks for the link, K.]

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