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14 July, 2008

Scene needn't be heard

Brilliant comment on the BBC's 'expose' of BDSM in the UK, by Zax:

Frankly, it scares me to know what people will do in the name of recreation. How can physical aggression, bleeding wounds, broken bones, dirt, humiliation, orchestrated and ritualised violence and even deaths have any place in the psyche of any rational adult? Anyway, so much for rugby. And boxing, wrestling, judo and any other competitive contact sport you care to name, all of which are essentially substitutes for sex anyway. BDSM sounds much safer, plus there's at least a chance you'll find your fellow participants sexually attractive, unlike rugby. Er, presumably.
Incidentally, discussion of the nature of the activities in which Max Mosley participated misses the far more important point: as Megan says in another comment on the BBC article:
it is not what Mr Mosely chooses to do with consenting partners that matters, it is his right to do so in privacy that is at issue.

me, i loved the reviews of that book out now which chronicles a "survey"/"study" of the UK's current sexual pracices.

in a BDSM dungeon, along with a guy tied and (self)tormented in a cage, was "the dungeon master" monitoring all activity. he's the health & safety rep...

Posted by Saltation at July 17, 2008 12:12 AM
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